Meet Kyoo Sung Byun - Strategic Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

Meet Kyoo Sung Byun - Strategic Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

Community Offshore Wind

"At Community Offshore Wind, we are dedicated to building a domestic, diverse, and environmentally-conscious supply chain. We want to boost local economies and bring the opportunities from manufacturing, installation, and operation and maintenance to diverse business owners in the Northeast. Building a local supply chain is one way we can invest in the communities we will serve"

Kyoo Sung is Community Offshore Wind’s Strategic Supply Chain & Logistics Manager.

Kyoo will be responsible for managing and building relationships with renewable energy and transmission equipment vendors as well as developing and executing our offshore wind economic development strategy for supply chain localization. Kyoo will also be supporting our projects logistics planning.

Previously, Kyoo participated in underwater cable projects in Block Island Windfarm (Rhode Island), Lake Champlain, and Captree Island (New York).

Kyoo’s creative outlet is photography. As a fun fact, he majored in Art History for his undergraduate degree, as he has always had a passion for the Arts.

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