National Veteran/SDVOB Affairs: Clifford Exil , JetEx Mechanical

National Veteran/SDVOB Affairs: Clifford Exil , JetEx Mechanical

Offshore Wind + Job Expo | DEIJ Ambassador


Offshore Wind + Job Expo DEIJ Partners are business/community leaders that are catalysts of equitable clean energy futures for underrepresented communities. They serve as Offshore Wind + Job Expos state delegations to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion, and equity within the offshore wind industry.

Clifford Exil is a U.S. Army-trained mechanic and a licensed and skilled journeyman union steamfitter. Cliff, as he is known to family and friends, has 12 years of experience in piping and HVAC, as well as certification in all welding processes. As a steamfitter, Cliff has worked on projects that were vital to New York City’s buildings and infrastructure, as well as working across the country on pipelines and in nuclear plants. Throughout his experience, he has been committed to safety by proper personal and group safety practices, inspection of equipment, and utilization of blueprints and floor plans to ensure a job well done. With his extensive experience in the construction field, running JetEx allows him the ability to still get his hands dirty, but also to use his expertise to procure new opportunities to help construction companies and developers see their projects to completion.

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